5 Thanksgiving Tips to Prep Your Home

According to AAA, 46.3 million Americans travel for Thanksgiving. Meaning, this holiday is a big deal to a lot of people. To ensure you are taking your Thanksgiving planning seriously, MTOclean is here to guide you through the process. Begin by prepping your home with these five Thanksgiving Tips to organize your household for the holiday!

Thanksgiving Tips For Every Host or Hostess

With these guidelines, you’ll be well equipped to throw an excellent Thanksgiving dinner!

thanksgiving tips

1. Clean Your Oven

The bad news is for most people, cleaning your oven is a dreaded task that takes time and effort. The good news is once you clean your oven for Thanksgiving, you should be good to go through the New Year! First, remove the racks and anything else in your oven. Next, create a paste by mixing baking soda and water and then coat your oven with the mixture. You can let it sit overnight and take this opportunity to clean your oven racks. After about 10-12 hours, spray vinegar all over your oven and finally wipe down with a damp cloth. Your oven is now ready for holiday cooking and baking! Use this timeline by RealSimple to help plan and prep your make-ahead Thanksgiving dinner menu.

2. Polish Your Silverware

While preparing your Thanksgiving tablescape, you want to make sure your silverware makes a good impression. Thanksgiving is a momentous occasion that you want to make special. There are tons of methods out there to polish your silverware. You can simply buy a silver cleaner or tarnish remover polish, or you can do a DIY technique of placing your silverware in boiling hot water and baking soda and then drying with a soft cloth.

3. Sweep, Mop, Dust, Wipe & Vacuum

Make your list of what needs to get mopped, dusted, wiped, swept and vacuumed in your home. Begin by tackling one room at a time. Your kitchen, dining room and living room probably need the most work. Sweep and mop the floors, vacuum the rugs and carpets, dust the furniture and mantelpiece, and wipe down the countertops and tables. Making a checklist ahead of time ensures you don’t miss any crucial cleaning must-dos.

4. Clear the Coat Closet

With cold weather coming, your guests will enter your home sporting big coats, hats, gloves, scarves, and boots. You’re going to need space to accommodate all their winter gear. Clear your entryway and closet to ensure a breezy welcome on Thanksgiving Day. Make sure there are enough hangers for everyone’s coats, space on the floor for shoes or shoe racks in the closet, and perhaps some bins where you can throw hats, gloves, and scarves to store with no trouble.

5. Take Inventory

The final step for your Thanksgiving preparations is to take inventory of all your supplies. From what food you need to purchase for the freezer, fridge, and pantry, to ensuring you have enough china, flatware, glassware, and napkins to accommodate the number of guests you’re hosting.

By making your to-do list and applying these Thanksgiving tips, you will be organized and therefore can keep calm and stand equipped to host a stellar Thanksgiving dinner. If you are feeling overwhelmed and need a hand with the holiday cleaning, MTOclean offers customizable residential cleaning services. Our professional services include carpet and upholstery to tile and floor cleaning. Lighten your load and simplify your life by contacting your nearest MTOclean location today!

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