Five Minutes to a Clean Bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom can quickly become one of the most time-consuming chores around the house. Sometimes taking an hour or more to clean your bathroom just isn’t possible. Thankfully, the professionals at MTOclean have developed a guide, “Five Minutes to a Clean Bathroom” to help you speed-clean the bathrooms in your home!

How to Get a Clean Bathroom in Five Minutes

Follow this minute-by-minute breakdown to speed clean your bathroom.

scrubbing a toiletFirst Minute: Put two Alka-Seltzer tablets in the toilet. The effervescence and the citric acid will actually clean the bowl almost as well as scrubbing and will leave a light, fresh scent. Next, gather up all the towels and place them outside the door. Clean up any hair tools, face products, or other odds and ends and put them away. Finally, throw away any melted soap bars or soap bar chips.

Second minute: Dampen a microfiber cloth and dust the door frame, tile ledge, molding, shelves, framed photos or art, and window sills. After that, clean the light switch plate, doorknobs, and soap dish with a Clorox wipe or your favorite disinfectant.

Third minute: Clean the mirrors with Windex or your go-to glass cleaner. Then use another disinfecting wipe to clean up stray hairs, toothpaste, makeup powder and more from the vanity, countertops, and sink. Use an additional wipe to clean all drawer handles, faucet handles, and light fixtures.

Fourth minute: Using a new disinfecting wipe, clean the flusher handle, as well as the top of the toilet. Next, use an additional wipe to clean the top and bottom of the toilet seat and lid. Finally, use one last wipe to clean the base of the toilet and the floor around it. Now you can swish the water in the toilet around with toilet brush and flush.

Fifth Minute: Place the wastebasket out of the bathroom, and then set out fresh towels and a new roll of toilet paper. Use some disinfecting wipes to give the floor a quick clean paying special attention to get all the hair and dust bunnies out of corners. Empty the wastebasket and place back in the bathroom.

Now you are done! Cleaning the bathroom last minute doesn’t have to be a major stressor in your life. By following this simple guide, you can have a fresh and clean bathroom in no time at all.

If your bathroom or home needs a deeper clean, call the professionals at your local MTOclean for affordable and professional cleaning when and where you need it!

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