How to Clean Your Home After the Flu

This historically severe flu season has sent countless Americans to the hospital and has forced many more to miss school or work. Some safety measures you can do to help prevent spreading the flu is to wash your hands frequently, cover your hands and mouth, and to stay home when sick. Once the awful flu has passed, you want to ensure you do not spread any of those germs to your family and friends who can then spread to others outside your home, therefore perpetuating the problem. Through the tips below you can learn how to clean your home after the flu and prevent further illness.

6 Things to Clean After the Flu

Fight the flu with these cleaning tips to stop the spread of germs.

after the flu

1. Bedroom

When you’re sick, you spend a lot of time in the bedroom since rest is a significant factor when recovering from the flu. To end the spread of germs, you need to ensure this room is clean of bacteria. Start with your washing your bedding using hot temperatures – sheets, blankets, pillowcases, duvet covers. While those are in the washing machine, take this time to clean your mattress. Begin with vacuuming your mattress before using a disinfectant spray and allow that to sit while your sheets get cleaned.

2. Bathroom

The next room to tackle is the bathroom. First, throw out all toothbrushes. If you own an electric toothbrush, then fill a small glass with hydrogen peroxide and submerge your toothbrush head in there for about 20 minutes. Then, wash any used towels to stop the spread of germs between family members. You need to deep clean both the sink and toilet areas that can often transfer germs. If you don’t want to use harmful cleaning products like bleach, try these 10 All-Natural, DIY Cleaners to Scrub Every Inch of Your Home from Real Simple.

3. Kitchen

The kitchen is another room where people spend a lot of time in therefore it can be another opportunity for germs to spread quickly even after the flu. Use disinfecting wipes to clean all handles and knobs including your fridge, drawers, cabinets, and faucet. Next, wipe down other surfaces such as countertops, doorknobs, railings, and coffee tables.

4. Toys

If you have sick children, they are often comforted by their favorite stuffed animal or toy. However, once your home begins to turn healthy, it’s time to disinfect those toys. Stuffed animals can simply be tossed in the washing machine, while small toys can sometimes be placed on the top rack of the dishwasher or wiped down with a disinfecting wipe.

5. Electronic Devices

Although rest is the best medicine when experiencing the flu, sometimes we can’t help but use our devices. That’s why it’s vital not to forget to disinfect your electronic devices after overcoming the flu. Gadgets to keep in mind include smartphones, computers, laptops, tablets, keyboards, and remotes. You can use a disinfecting wipe, or a cotton pad soaked in hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol.

6. Air

During the long winter months, we are cooped up inside and end up continuously breathing in the same air. It is so crucial to open windows after an illness, and in general throughout the winter season, to allow for fresh air to enter your home. Oftentimes, we get sick from the air we inhale in our home because of airborne bacteria.

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