Cleaning Tips You’ll Fall in Love With

Tidying up your household is one of the largest and often most procrastinated chores on your to-do list. Most would argue that it’s time-consuming, overwhelming, and sometimes just plain boring. While these things may be true for some, sometimes all it takes to spice things up is trying something new. Test out these cleaning tips you’ll fall in love with, and learn how to make your least favorite chore a bit more enjoyable.

cleaning tips

6 Cleaning Tips You’ll Fall in Love With

  1. Bring a friend

The best way to make cleaning go faster is to distract yourself with something else you enjoy. Try talking to a friend on the phone to help pass the time. You can use your headphones during the phone call so you’re still hands-free but are also entertained at the same time. You can set up cleaning phone dates with your friends, so you’re both in it together, or even set up in-person cleaning dates. Choose who’s house you’ll work on first, and then you can both tag-team the cleaning to make the task go by twice as fast. Plus, cleaning someone else’s space always seems more interesting and less like work than cleaning your own!

  1. Set limits

Cleaning seems like one of the most daunting chores on your list because there usually is never a clear stopping point. You can make the task appear more manageable by setting goals and sticking to them. Try creating a playlist of your favorite songs, and only clean while the music is playing. Once the playlist is done–time’s up! It’s much easier to convince yourself to clean for 4 or 5 songs than for a number of minutes or hours.

  1. Watch a good TV show

The average hour-long TV show typically only has approximately 40 minutes of screen time. That leaves roughly 20 minutes of commercials, and you probably aren’t paying attention to them anyway. Use the commercial breaks as an opportunity to clean or tidy up something quickly. Try picking up items lying on the floor or switching out your laundry during these short breaks. At the end of the episode, you’ll have successfully cleaned for 20 minutes and enjoyed some “you time” while watching a great show. That’s a win-win!

  1. Only buy products you really like

Cleaning often seems frustrating because many parts of the process are tedious and require a good amount of energy. Searching for all the necessary products, lugging a heavy vacuum around your house, and using smelly cleaners all can make the task unappealing. As a solution, try purchasing products you truly like. Buy cleaners in your favorite scents, or even invest in some higher-quality supplies. Often times the higher price tag is worth it if the product significantly cuts down on time or effort. By buying items you enjoy using, you’ll be less likely to dislike the task, and may even find you enjoy doing it! Check out some of these popular cleaning products that users say are worth splurging on.

  1. Have a game plan before you start

Setting a clear list of goals can not only make the task seem more manageable, but it also may motivate you, too. For example, if your task for the day is to declutter a room, come up with a plan for the things you no longer want. Decide if you want to give away items to a charity you admire, or even a friend or family member who may find a better use. If that’s not motivating enough, consider downloading the app, Poshmark for your unwanted clothing and accessories. Through this app, you can name your prices and sell gently used items. Making a little extra cash while you clean is a great motivator to finally sort through your belongings.

  1. Reward yourself

Some of us need a little more motivation than others, and that’s totally fine! For some of your biggest cleaning tasks, treat yourself to something special to help motivate you to get the job done. For example, after you deep clean your bathroom, treat yourself to a manicure. After all the scrubbing, your hands and nails will surely appreciate the extra pampering. Try using this tip for only your largest or most tedious chores, and remember only to reward yourself once the job is completed.

Cleaning a household is a never-ending chore, but there are ways to make the process more tolerable and even a bit more fun! These cleaning tips you’ll fall in love with will help make any task on your list doable. However, if you’d like a hand with getting your household looking spic and span, enlist the help of MTOclean. Our wide-range of services are designed to help as much or as little as you need. Contact an MTOclean office near you here, and we’ll develop customized cleaning services specific to your needs and schedule.

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