How to Declutter Your Home in the New Year

Clutter in your home can cause stress, distractions, and chaos. Although you may not realize it, it affects your everyday life when it comes to productivity and restricts you from living in peace. While it may appear impossible to eliminate all the clutter in your life, it is certainly attainable. By following this six-step game plan to declutter your home, you can transform your home-life in ways you did not think were possible!

6 Simple Ways to Declutter Your Home

Declutter Your Home

  1. Office & Mail

Your work area can become a place for piles of unnecessary papers and old mail. Begin by clearing everything from the top of the desk and then remove anything in the drawers and place it all on the floor. Sort through everything and toss anything that you don’t need. Once that’s done, you can organize the remains by alphabetical order, project, client, or month. You can even label if you need to, but just make sure that there is a designated spot for every item.

  1. Bedrooms

Next, move on to the bedrooms. Simplify your life by throwing out or donating unused items on your shelves, dressers, or things that are just laying around the room. While going through your belongings, categorize things in piles of “toss,” “donate,” or “keep.” By tackling this task, you can get rid of lingering objects that serve no purpose in your life. With the remainder of your clothes, fold them neatly back where they belong. Perform this chore quarterly if you can. Rally your family to do the same in their bedrooms.

  1. Closets & Drawers

Closets and drawers turn into a place where you absentmindedly shove things, to keep them out of sight or because you tell yourself you will deal with them later. Well later is now and it is time to purge those spaces! Did you know that 25% of the clothing in our closets goes unworn? Use the same process of a “toss,” “donate,” or “keep” pile and reorganize items. If they don’t belong in the closet, place them in a storage bin or stash them in the basement or garage. Organize your hanging clothes by type and use slim hangers for added room. For more tips on how to organize your closet check out these 31 Ways to Make Over Your Closets by Real Simple.

  1. Kitchen

Free your kitchen of any useless items, place similar items together, and store away anything you seldom use. From appliances to food containers, to pots and pans, if you’re one of those people who has been starring at something that you simply don’t like or own an item that isn’t beneficial to you, get rid of it. Cookbooks for example. How often do you use them? If you have cookbooks that have been sitting on your countertop and taking up space for years without being used, donate them.

  1. Basement & Garage

Ah! Where to start? Begin by tackling one category at a time. For example, seasonal decorations, tools, garden gear, or sports equipment. As you sort through these categories, ask yourself if some items are important enough to save and store. Once you figured that out, store each group in a clear stackable container for easy identification. You will have less “junk,” and everything will be organized and have its place.

  1. Maintain Order

Now that your home is more organized and has less clutter, you need to ensure you maintain this order.  Set a schedule and don’t forget to mark it on your calendar. Whether it’s monthly, quarterly or biannually, you plan a schedule that works best for you.

By keeping your home organized, you can reclaim your life and enjoy it much more. Using these six simple secrets, you can become a more productive person in the New Year. Remember, MTOclean can always give you a hand through our home organization services such as closet, garage, and office cleaning. MTOclean services can be customized and get as specific as you need. To set up a free estimate or to learn more about our services contact your nearest MTOclean office!

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