Dishwasher Guide: Do’s and Don’ts

The dishwasher. A lifesaver. What did people do before this grand invention? Think about all the time we save every single day. Kick your cleaning up a notch with this dishwasher guide of do’s and don’ts from MTOClean. Odds are you’re doing a few things incorrectly when it comes to using your favorite kitchen appliance.

Dishwasher Guide: 5 Do’s and 5 Don’ts

Dishwasher Guide

The Do’s

  1. Do Take Action After a Meal

Dishes that are neglected in the sink or on the table for too long will only dry and make cleaning even harder. Make sure to wash ceramic dishes right away to dodge stains that are often caused by coffee and tea.

  1. Do Run the Dishwasher at Night

When you run your dishwasher at night, you can lower your monthly water bill. Sometimes, utility companies upcharge during peak hours and because the evening is a less demanding time, you have a chance to save a few bucks.

  1. Do Make a Strategy

If you map out where you are going to put what in your dishwasher, you can be more efficient. Place the big pieces in the first then fill in the gaps with smaller ones. Check out this video on the right way to load a dishwasher by Business Insider.

  1. Do Use a Rinse Aid

Rinse aids should really be called drying aids. Rinse aids contain chemical components that helps the water roll right off the dishes, instead of forming droplets. No more spots!

  1. Do Clean Your Dishwasher

By cleaning your dishwasher regularly, you remove the bits of food, grease and soap residue that are left behind after each washing. This debris can build up, causing an odor and a not so pretty appearance.

The Don’ts

  1. Don’t Put This in the Dishwasher

You shouldn’t put things in the dishwasher that don’t belong in there. There are certain items that you should consider washing by hand. Take a look at the 11 Things You Probably Shouldn’t Put in the Dishwasher by kitchen for guidance.

  1. Don’t Place Plates All the Same Way

Instead, place dishes facing inward toward the spray arms. Remember to put the smaller dishes in front and the larger behind, that way the spray arms reach every part of the plate for a better clean.

  1. Don’t Rinse Plates

Because dishwashers today are so powerful, the pre-rinsing you previously practiced is no longer necessary. Truthfully, the per-rinsing just wastes water. An exception would be if you don’t run the dishwasher for a few days, causing the residue to stick to the dishes over time.

  1. Don’t Use Too Much Detergent

Use only the recommended amount of dishwashing detergent. When you use too much, it can cause a buildup of residue from excess soap inside of your dishwasher, creating extra work when cleaning your dishwasher.

  1. Don’t Unload the Top First

This step seems obvious, but people often forget to unload the bottom rack first. The top racks dishes might have lingering water and while unloading can fall onto the dry dishes on the bottom rack.

Tackling dishes can be simple, and with these dishwasher guide of do’s and don’ts, we are sure you’ll shine! If you need a hand with other cleaning matters in your home or at your business, call MTOclean to discuss our cleaning services available. We can create a cleaning plan specific to your wants and needs. To arrange a free estimate, contact your local MTOclean office!

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