Kitchen Spring Cleaning Made Easy

This month welcomes the first day of Spring, and we all know what that means. Spring cleaning time! Seasonal cleaning is the perfect time to get down and dirty to tackle the nitty-gritty. According to a NSF International study, dish sponges and rags were the germiest items, followed by kitchen sinks, pet bowls and coffee makers. At MTOclean, our suggestion is to go room-by-room, so the task does not seem so overwhelming. Our first stop: the kitchen. With these spring cleaning tips, together we can declutter, reorganize and make the kitchen your favorite room in the house. To make things easier, we have broken the work into five sections.

5 Kitchen Spring Cleaning Tips

spring cleaning tips

  1. Pantry, Cupboards & Drawers

You can use a similar process for all three zones. Begin with taking all items out of the pantry, cupboard and drawer. Decide whether each item should be tossed or kept. Wipe the area down with a wet cloth to get rid of any stains or crumbs. To keep order, you can use drawer organizers, shelf liners, or shelf dividers. Place everything back in a logical manner and don’t forget to wipe down the knobs and handles, as grease builds up there over time.

  1. Fridge & Freezer

The same procedure goes for the fridge and the freezer. Take out all the food and trash anything that is expired, old, or has a funky smell. Remove the drawers and wash them with hot soapy water as well as the ice cube trays. Then wipe down the shelves and door. Place the food back strategically with the help of the Today Show’s How to Keep Food Fresh in the Fridge by Storing it in the Right Place.

  1. Appliances

This group includes your coffeemaker, dishwasher, oven, blender, microwave and more! Obviously, you should wash some of these appliances after each use, but it’s a good idea to give the others a good thorough cleaning at least once a year. And what better occasion than spring cleaning! Keep your kitchen appliances sparkling with this Cleaning Kitchen Appliances Checklist by Real Simple.

  1. Floors & Countertops

Remember, you should always clean from top to bottom, so start with the countertops. Depending on your surface, use a cleaner that is safe and will remove any stains or residue on your countertops. Wipe everything down from your small appliances to the knife block to the fruit bowl. What you’ll need for the floors is a broom, mop, bucket, soft cloth, hot water and floor cleaner. Begin by sweeping the floor (don’t forget the corners and under appliances). Next, use hot water, floor cleaner, and a mop to scrub the floor gently. In some tougher spots, you may need to use the soft cloth and get on your hands and knees. For professional tile and floor cleaning services, contact your local MTOclean office who will get the job done exquisitely.

  1. Garbage

The kitchen waste basket is often the one thing that is forgotten when it comes to cleaning. A lot of bacteria forms here, and it is important to add it to your monthly cleaning routine. MTOclean suggests cleaning the garbage can with hot soapy water outside to avoid having to double your work of then cleaning the tub or sink.

Feel free to tailor these tips to your home and adjust based on what area may need a little more attention. To be the most productive, gather all your materials together before you begin and enlist some family members to help lighten the load. If you need professional assistance and want to talk about our available residential cleaning services, call your local MTOclean office!

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