Moving Cleaning Tips

According to, most move-in dates tend to fall between May and September. Part of the reason is that the weather’s warm and you don’t have to worry about driving through snow or ice. Also, school is out, which makes it an easier transition time for children or college students. Whatever the reason, moving calls for sweeping, washing, and dusting! Whether you need to clean the home you’re moving out of, or want a fresh start in the home you’re moving into, MTOclean can help with our moving cleaning tips!

Moving Cleaning Tips

Move Out Cleaning

It’s common to get overwhelmed and stressed when it comes time to move out of your home. A great way to skip the stress is to hire movers. But before that time comes, you must pack up your belongings, and the best way to do that is to be strategical. First, make sure you start the process early. Getting a head start is a good idea because it gives you time to go through your possessions and pitch or donate anything you no longer need. Making for a smoother move out/move in process. Another must-do is to stay organized by room and category, using proper labels. Once you have everything packed up, it’s time to clean your home or apartment; as some contracts require a clean home before you leave.

Moving cleaning tips include:

  • Vacuum and sweep floors
  • Scrub sink, shower, and toilets
  • Clear out and clean cabinets
  • Wipe down countertops and fridge and other kitchen appliances
  • Dust mantels, shelves, and drawers

Move In Cleaning

A fresh start in a new place is a great feeling! A good thorough cleaning is recommended before unpacking all your belongings. The same list we specified above applies for the moving in process as well. However, if you are exhausted from the move, MTOclean can give you a hand! Our specialists can meet with you to review your cleaning needs and develop a custom service plan.

Moving Checklist

If you’re looking for more guidance on moving, stay on track with this step-by-step moving out/in checklist. This list will take you through the entire moving journey from start to finish and will help you stay organized along the way.

Are you moving soon? Consider MTOclean’s move out/move in cleaning services and let us handle the details. Our Personal Touch Promise ensures that our professionals treat your home as if it were their own. Curious how much our services cost? We can provide a free estimate when you contact your local MTOclean office!

MTOclean provides home cleaning services (maid service) and janitorial cleaning services to residential and commercial clients. We also provide additional services such as carpet cleaning, power washing and window washing. Each office is an independently owned and operated cleaning franchise; services vary by location. Contact the MTOclean office nearest you to learn more about the local cleaning services that are available and to arrange a free estimate.