New Year Cleaning Resolutions for Your Home

It’s that time again when we set goals for ourselves. Lose weight, travel, save money, spend more time with loved ones. But have you ever considered the goals you want to set for your home? Why not make this the year you live in a house that is clean and organized, encouraging a healthy and positive state of mind for you and your family. Take a look at our New Year cleaning resolutions that are easy enough, but will help you achieve the goals you set.

5 New Year Cleaning Resolutions

New Year Cleaning Resolutions

  1. Create a Cleaning Plan

By setting up a cleaning schedule, you can stay on top of everything that needs to get wiped, swept and scrubbed. The plan is broken down by day, week, month, quarter and year, and is accompanied by specific areas in the house such as living room, kitchen, bedroom, dining room, office, and so on. Depending on your preference you can get as specific as you want with a spreadsheet to organize the tasks, or you can just create a simple check list. Although it may seem overwhelming, you have created a workable plan to take care of it all.

  1. Downsize & Donate

Begin the new year off with a donation bin. Our homes tend to accumulate unnecessary stuff over the years, so the time has come to declutter our lives. Say goodbye to any clothes, shoes, accessories, toys, electronics, books, or appliances that you have not used in the last year. Recycle old newspapers or magazines laying around the house, cancel catalog subscriptions that you are no longer interested in, clean out your fridge and pantry by tossing anything that is past the expiration date and get rid of any outdated medicines or bathroom products you haven’t used in a while. You will be surprised at how pleased you will be with a decluttered home.

  1. Organize Using Bins, Boxes & Baskets

Now that you have dropped off the donation boxes, you can organize everything that is left. Through using bins, boxes, and baskets, your home can stay tidy–from entry way to the bedroom. They are perfect for the pantry, underneath the bed, in the closet, or garage. Check out these 20 Ideas for Storage with Baskets and Bins from Midwest Living for some inspiration.

  1. Tidy the House Nightly

There is nothing like waking up to a clean house. By walking around your home every night and putting things back, folding a blanket, or putting away dishes, you will make a dent in your weekly chore list and feel better about beginning your day off right.

  1. Do One’s Best

University of Scranton research proposes that just 8% of people accomplish their New Year’s goals. Why? Because their resolutions are too extreme. Instead, keep your goals simple and tangible. New habits and lifestyle changes take time. No one is expecting you to transform your routine overnight. So don’t be so hard on yourself if you miss a daily or weekly task. Things come up, and life happens. If you use the New Year to adjust your habits and make small changes every day, by the end of this year, you will be in a better place than when you started. It’s not about perfection, it’s about progress.

Resolutions require good intentions and will power. Take some time to slow down and figure out the breakdown of how to keep your home clean. Trying to acquire new habits help when you have a good support system. Therefore, get your family involved when creating your cleaning plan or helping tidy up the house every night. Since we are already a few weeks into the new year, if you are in need of cleaning services, MTOclean is here to help! Our services can be as broad or specific as you’d like. From deep cleaning to home organizing, or a simple carpet stain out, you can find an MTOclean near you! To learn more about local cleaning services available and to arrange a free estimate contact us today.

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