DIY Tips to Power Wash Your Home

With warmer weather approaching, you will begin to spend more time outside on your patio or porch. You want to present a put together look for you and your guests to enjoy. This calls for some power washing! Wash away salt and residue of cold winter weather and get your home ready for outdoor entertaining this season! At MTOclean, we can revamp your siding, brickwork, windows, wood fences, decks, and more! However, you can power wash your home yourself if you are up for the challenge. Follow these guidelines on how to power wash your home if you want a truly clean, bright exterior!

How to Power Wash Your Home

Power Wash

Be Safe & Prepared

Pressure washers can cause serious injury, so our best advice, if you are not confident using one of these machines, is to call MTOclean for our professional power washing services. Before you begin, remove any jewelry and wear protective clothing such as pants, closed-toed shoes, and goggles. Ensure all windows are closed and that the path is clear to avoid tripping. Move plants and any other objects away from the area that you are planning to clean to prevent breakage. Review your pressure washer manual to know the general safety guidelines. For tips on washing brick, siding, and stucco exteriors, check out Pressure Wash Your Home Exterior by Lowe’s.

Test & Wash

In the pressure washer manual, you can refer to the suggested spray setting and spray tip to use for the job and what type of cleaner to use and at what distance. To begin, stand firm and try the least powerful setting first, then test out the area by standing a few feet away. Examine the space to make sure there is no damage and then wash the area in sections. Once you get comfortable using the machine, adjust the power setting depending on what area you are cleaning. Note, while cleaning, some windows might have gotten hit with water or dirt. We suggest you wipe them down with a rag before the water dries to avoid leaving spots.

Power Washing Tips

  • Don’t leave the cleaner to dry on the surface. Spray the detergent off the deck, fence, etc.
  • Wash from top to the bottom when it comes to railing and fences to prevent streaks.
  • Only use the detergents intended for your power washer.
  • When cleaning overhead, point the spray ahead of you and to one side to avoid getting wet.
  • Follow instructions on how to properly clean and store the machine.

If not used correctly, high-powered washing equipment can cause severe damage. For a worry-free power washing experience, look to the professionals at MTOclean. We offer deep-cleaning power washing and professional-grade machines that deliver the most elite hot and cold cleaning experiences available. Seasonal stains and years of dirt and grime disappear, revealing the bright, clean surface underneath. To arrange a free estimate, contact your nearest MTOclean office!

MTOclean provides home cleaning services (maid service) and janitorial cleaning services to residential and commercial clients. We also provide additional services such as carpet cleaning, power washing and window washing. Each office is an independently owned and operated cleaning franchise; services vary by location. Contact the MTOclean office nearest you to learn more about the local cleaning services that are available and to arrange a free estimate.