5 Spring Cleaning Tips You Need To Know

The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and the season’s transition is bringing you back to life. This calls for some spring cleaning – out with the old and in with a fresh, clean house. MTOclean is here to help you get rid of dirt, germs and any unwanted mess with these helpful spring cleaning tips. Enjoy and happy cleaning!

Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tips 

spring cleaning tips 1. Revitalizing Your Refrigerator

Check the expiration dates on all of the food items in your refrigerator and toss anything that has perished. While you have the refrigerator empty from checking dates, take out all of the refrigerator shelving and wash it all with warm, soapy water. Be sure to wipe down the entire refrigerator before reinstalling the shelves. Finally, organize your items by category when you restock the refrigerator.

People often wonder if a box of baking soda actually keeps odors under control in your refrigerator. The answer is yes! The baking soda helps keep odors from transferring from one food item to the next. Change out the box every couple of months or so for continued freshness. If your refrigerator has a funky smell, you can pour vanilla on a cotton swab and place the swab in the refrigerator. Doing this will help eliminate the odor.

2. Organizing Your Closet

Decluttering your closet is a major step in keeping your house organized. Have each family member go through their clothes, shoes, accessories and anything else that causes clutter in their closet. Any items that they have not been worn or used in the past year should be placed in the donation bin.

In addition decluttering, be sure to organize the items you are keeping. Arranging your items by category (shirts, pants, dresses, jackets, etc.) makes for a clean look and practical solution to never having anything to wear. Having your closet full of clothes that you like and are likely to wear will make your daily life much easier.

3. Washing Your Windows

Take the time to wash the inside and outside of your windows. You can remove spots and stains with a rag and warm, soapy water. Replace the water in the bucket when it begins to get dirty. Then, dry the windows with a clean cloth. NOTE: Windshield squeegees work well for drying the windows to eliminate leaving any water spots.

4. Freshen Your Bedding

Make sure you are washing your pillowcases and sheets every two weeks. While your bedding is in the washing machine, you can clean around your bed and underneath your mattress. Utilize your vacuum’s crevice tool to clean the top and sides of your mattress. Finally, sanitize the bed with disinfectant spray afterward. NOTE: Be sure to check the manufacturer’s label before you throw your comforter in the washing machine!

5. Cleanse Your Dishwasher

To guarantee that your dishwasher is doing the best cleaning job it can do, it too needs to be cleaned once a month. First, remove the lower dish rack. Then, clear any food residue, soap scum, or grease from the bottom of the dishwasher. In order to remove any grease or grime in the washer, place a dishwasher-safe container of white vinegar on the top rack of the machine and run a hot-water cycle. To rid the dishwasher of any stains or smells, sprinkle one cup of baking soda in the bottom of the dishwasher and run a short hot-water cycle.

For future washes, make sure to scrape all the food off your plates preventing particles getting stuck after the wash. And remember never to overcrowd the dishwasher! Your dishwasher might not be able obtain a great clean if the dishes are too tightly packed.

With these simple spring cleaning tips, you can get your home looking spick and span in no time. However, sometimes you need the professionals to take charge. MTOclean’s professional cleaning services are here to simplify your life, give you more free time and deliver peace of mind!

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