How to Store Cleaning Supplies

When it comes to your daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedules, you have specific products in place for each task. However, you must keep in mind the that to stay safe and efficient, it’s essential to set up your cleaning supplies properly. Follow these tips from the team at MTOClean on how to store cleaning supplies in your home.

5 Steps to Store Cleaning Supplies

Use these guidelines on how to store cleaning supplies so you can create a sustained and adequate supply closet!

Store Cleaning Supplies

1. Safety First

A lot of times, cleaning products are full harmful chemicals. That’s why you have to be strategic on where you place them in your home. They should be entirely out of reach of young children and pets. High shelves in your storage closet is a good idea. You can even opt for getting a lockable closet for ensured security. Or use safety gizmos like drawer or cabinet straps, make sure the cleaning closet supplies stay out of the wrongs hands.

2. Choose a Location

Choosing one spot in your home that holds all the cleaning supplies is a great way to stay organized. This way, you don’t have to waste time or patience going from room to room looking for a particular item. Shelves are always a great way to keep the closet structured. Plus, baskets and bins store everything in place. You might even want to install a lazy Susan to make it easier to reach products.

3. Stay Portable

Although it’s smart to have one central location for all your cleaning supplies, you also don’t want to keep walking back and forth during your cleaning routine. Instead, buy a few portable caddies that you can fill with items that you need when going from room to room. In addition to cleaning products, add a few rags and sponges to the mix. A practical idea is to keep a caddy for each area of your house like for your bathroom or kitchen. This way, you can quickly grab it when you need it, and it already has the essentials. Or, you can separate products and tools by tasks. For example, a caddy for stain removal, floor care, or dusting.

4. Properly Store Large Cleaning Tools

Designate a place in your home for more extensive cleaning tools such as vacuums and mops. If you have space, keep it in the same closet as your cleaning supplies. If not, perhaps use the basement, garage, or another closet. You should choose a location based on the frequency of use and accessibility.

5. Clearly Label Products

Are you a DIY cleaning solution person? If yes, then you need to ensure everything is explicitly labeled. You want to avoid mixing up cleaning solutions as some may be harmful or can damage surfaces in your home. Environmental experts say the average household contains roughly 62 toxic chemicals. Take a look at these Green Cleaning Ideas for Your Home that are all natural, easy to make, and won’t cost you much.

Looking for more home organizing tips? Check out these Organization Ideas from Country Living to get you started! MTOClean wants to help you reclaim your free time with our home cleaning services. Our Personal Touch Promise guarantees that our staff handles your home as if it were their own by working with only high quality, environmentally friendly products, and supplies. To arrange a free estimate, call your local MtOClean office!


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