Top 12 Holiday Cleaning Tips

Are you hosting during the holiday season? Entertaining can get stressful if your home isn’t as neat and clean as you wish it were. By focusing on the basics and being strategic, you can make your house merry, bright and clean with these helpful holiday cleaning tips. Get ready to put on some Christmas music, roll up your sleeves, and scrub the halls!

12 Days of Christmas Holiday Cleaning

Day 1: Fireplace

Your fireplace will be used a lot this season, and it’s important that it’s cleaned regularly. Make sure you are wearing gloves, old clothes or an apron to protect yourself. Start with sweeping the fireplace with a small broom from top to bottom before scrubbing. Spray down the entire fireplace with an all-purpose cleaner then use an abrasive tool to scrub down the fireplace. Allow the cleaner to sit for about 15 minutes before wiping it down with a wet cloth and warm water.

Day 2: Closetsholiday cleaning

You’ll need to free up some closet space for guests’ clothes who may be staying for a few days or visitors’ coats who are there for a festive party. Start with the entry closet. Allow each family member to have one or two coats in here; all the other coats and jackets can go in their bedroom closet. The holidays are a good time of year to go through any clothes, coats, shoes, hats and scarves that you no longer use or don’t want, and place them in the donation box. To keep your closets organized, bins, hooks and shoe racks are always useful when wanting to free up some space.

Day 3: Fridge & Pantry

Because you’ll be doing a profound amount of cooking this season, you’ll need to make space for all the delicious goodies. Start by going through all of the items in your fridge and pantry and toss anything that is expired, looks moldy or smells funny. Next, remove all the food from the refrigerator and wipe it down with warm water and dish soap. You can do the same for the pantry. When putting your items back, this is an excellent opportunity to organize your space by categories.

Day 4: Furniture

The holiday season calls for lots of lounging. Meaning, you want to make sure your sofas and chairs are sparkling! Begin with vacuuming the cushions and under the cushions. Move your furniture to vacuum debris and dust that may be underneath your couch. If you have stains on your upholstered furniture, it’s best to check the tags for directions on how to best clean.

Day 5: Ceilings & Walls

Do you remember when you last washed your ceilings and walls? The time has come! The first step in cleaning ceilings and walls is dusting. Your vacuums long-handled extension duster comes in handy for those hard to reach places. Work from top to bottom, so you don’t end up cleaning the same spot twice. Using warm water mixed with dishwashing liquid and a damp sponge should suffice. Finish the job with a soft cloth to wipe dry.

Day 6: Windows & Curtains

First, remove your window treatments and tumble them in a cool dryer for 15 minutes. While the dryer gets rid of the dust on your curtains, dampen a microfiber cloth with water and clean your windows and use a dry microfiber cloth for the windowsills. Remove the curtains from the dryer and hang them back up right away to avoid wrinkling.

Day 7: Dusting

When dusting, make sure to use microfiber cloths together with your dusting spray. The fabric attracts dust and leaves a streak free finish. Don’t know where to begin? Areas to focus on are dressers, closet floors, ceiling fans, vents, mantles, light fixtures and electronics.

holiday cleaning

Day 8: Floors & Carpets

A good cleaning of the floors and carpets will ensure a clean and vibrant holiday. Begin with sweeping or vacuuming your floors to remove any debris and dust. Then, depending on what type of surface you have, you can either mop, wipe or scrub. Need a hand? Take a look at these 8 Tricks to Clean Any Type of Floor from Real Simple.

Day 9: Bedding

With guests coming into town it’s important that you provide a clean sleeping environment for your close friends and family. Washing all of your pillowcases, sheets, comforters is a good place to start. While the bedding is washing, you can vacuum the mattress’s surface and sides to get rid of any dust, hair, or dead skin cells.

Day 10: Bathrooms

When was the last time you cleaned your shower curtain? Give it a spin in the washing machine and hang to dry. As it’s washing, apply a cleaning solution around the tub and let it sit for 15 minutes before scrubbing it down. Moving on to the toilet! Pour bleach into the bowl, let it sit for a few minutes, and then scrub with the toilet brush. Next, fill the toilet brush holder with warm, soapy water and let it sit for a few minutes before dumping it in the toilet. Did you know that the sink drain wins when it comes to holding the most bathroom bacteria? It’s best to pour vinegar down the drain and let the hot water run for a minute. Disinfecting wipes work great to wipe down the toilet brush handle, toilet seat, sink, faucet and door knobs.

Day 11: Stovetop & Oven

Holidays call for plenty of time in the kitchen. If you want to start fresh before you begin baking or if you need to clean up your mess before your guests arrive, we’ve got an easy solution to cleaning grease on your stovetop or oven. First, remove the grates and knobs and place them in hot soapy water to soak as you do your cleaning. Spray your grease remover solutionholiday cleaning on your stovetop. (You could also use vinegar.) After it sits for about 10 minutes, wipe it down with a dishtowel or scrubber. You can use baking soda to scrub any grease residue and then wipe the area with a damp dishtowel. Head back to the sink to scrub the grates and knobs before placing them back on the stove. Use the same method for your oven and oven racks.

Day 12: Dishes & Silverware

Tis the season for dinner parties! You’ll be using dinnerware and flatware that perhaps hasn’t been shown off in a while. To save you time, place anything that is permitted,
in the dishwasher. If you are washing by hand, use hot water which helps glass and silver dry without leaving any streaks. Another way to save time and water? Wash your dishes in a dish tub rather than one at a time as the water runs. Check out Martha Stewart’s Dishwashing Secrets for more way on how to wash efficiently.

If you do one of these tasks a day, you will be ready just in time for holiday hosting! Although many of these tips can be DIY, if you need a hand, let the professionals at MTOclean take over. Our services include home cleaning, organization, carpet cleaning, power washing, floor care and so much more! MTOclean can design custom cleaning services based on your needs and schedule. We also offer MTOclean gift certificates if you are stumped on what to get someone on your Christmas list! Get in touch with the MTOclean office nearest you to discover the local cleaning services available and to set up a free estimate today.

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