Winter Floor Care: Tips That Last All Season

It can seem like a daunting task to combat the salt and snow that comes with the winter weather. Between tracking dirt inside and an increase in foot traffic indoors, winter is one of the toughest times of the year in regards to cleaning. Luckily, there are precautions and actions you can take to improve your winter floor care and keep your floors sparkling all season long.

Winter Floor Care Tipswinter floor care cleaning tips

There’s no need to stress about maintaining clean floors year-round. With these tips for both preventing dirt and cleaning up potential messes, your floors will never fall victim to wintertime again!

Stock up on Floor Mats

The biggest culprits of dirty floors during the winter are your shoes. One of the easiest ways to cut down on the mess is to double-up on floor mats. Adding a couple more mats near doorways or other high-traffic areas is an easy way to stop the transfer of slush from shoes to your clean floors. Once you place a few more mats around, be sure you shake them out regularly. A clean mat will do much more in terms of trapping snow, salt, and other debris than a dirty one.

Designate a Place for Dirty Shoes

While we’re on the topic of shoes, another simple cleaning tip is to choose a convenient place to drop dirty shoes off. A great location for this drop-off is in a mudroom or right near a doorway. Putting a shoe tray or even just another mat in one of these areas is a friendly reminder to yourself and any guests that shoes should be removed before entering any further. Sometimes the power of suggestion is all it takes to make a difference!

Keep old Towels on Hand for Puddles

Even with preventative measures, a few puddles are bound to appear on your floors. The best thing to do when this happens is to wipe up the puddle as soon as you notice it. Letting a wet spot sit for an extended period can potentially cause permanent damage to your floors. Keeping a few extra towels on deck and ready to go for puddle-cleaning purposes is an easy way to shorten the time the puddle sits while you search for something to clean it with.

Make a Salt-Proof Cleaning Solution

If you’ve tried to clean salt stains in the past, you may have encountered the common issue of spreading the salt residue rather than removing it. The ice-melting product used outside is to blame for this all-too-common problem, and there’s some science behind it. Because the PH level of the ice-melting solutions (salt) is much higher than regular dirt and outdoor elements, it essentially strips your floors of any previous treatments and leaves them susceptible to more dirt. To solve this, you need a cleaning agent that will neutralize the PH level of the ice-melting product, which will leave your floors sparkling like new. An easy cleaning solution can be made with white vinegar and warm water–ingredients you probably have in your cabinets. Follow this DIY guide and watch as the salt residue is removed from your floors for good.

Increase Overall Cleaning

One final piece of advice for tackling winter floor care is to take your regular cleaning habits up a notch. Since people are more likely to stay indoors during the winter to avoid the cold, foot traffic inside can increase. Simply vacuuming, sweeping, or mopping more frequently can majorly cut back on the messes that get tracked inside.

Even after putting these tips to the test, some floors may be more stubborn than others. Instead of giving up on clean winter floors altogether, enlist the help of professional cleaning from MTOclean! Our cleaning services will have your floors looking spotless no matter the season while you have the satisfaction of never lifting a finger. Find an MTOclean location here, and get started with a free estimate on our services.

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