Celebrate Earth Day: How to Make Your House a Green Home

With the celebration of Earth Day this month, it’s a great time to bring awareness to green living and understand the steps you can take to make your house a green home. There are many eco-friendly alternatives you can do to enhance your home life. These small changes can improve the health of your family and reduce your environmental footprint. Let’s check out a few eco-friendly tips for your home!

5 Easy Ways to Maintain a Green Home

Exercise these ideas to transform your home into a healthier environment for your family.

Green Home

1. Use Energy-Saving Products 

As consumers, our buying decisions are more powerful than we think. By choosing to purchase energy-saving products, we can live a greener life. Some green energy ideas include buying energy-efficient LED bulbs or energy-saving appliances. If you are in the market for a new microwave or washing machine, consider an energy-efficient device as it will decrease your home’s energy consumption. For more ideas on how to save energy, check out these 5 Energy Saving Gadgets That Are Totally Worth It by Forbes.

2. Properly Insulate Your Home

When becoming a greener home, it’s important to consider proper insulation. By investing in the right insulation, you can save energy and money. Insulation helps keep the air inside of your home instead of it escaping through doors and windows. Through proper insulation, you don’t waste as much energy heating and cooling your house.

3. Reduce Water Usage

According to Home Water Works, the average American shower uses 17.2 gallons and lasts for 8.2 minutes. Water is a valuable resource that we should not take for granted. You can reduce your water usage by running your dishwasher on light wash if suitable or by taking shorter showers. These simple adjustments can make all the difference. For more water-saving advice, Target offers 9 Ways to Reduce Your Water Waste.

4. Recycle & Reuse

There is always room for growth when it comes to creating a greener home. Begin by abandoning plastic bags. When grocery shopping or shopping in general, choose reusable cloth bags. They are larger, studier, and you minimize the amount of plastic you consume. Limit your use of paper plates, paper towels, and plastic cups, and instead grab a cloth dish towel, glass drinkware, and a ceramic plate or stoneware. Ensure your home is participating in a recycling program and encourage your family to reuse items like plastic bottles, containers, and baggies.

5. Embrace Natural and Non-Toxic Cleaning Supplies

With so many toxic chemicals in cleaning products, poisons get released into the air and then consumed by our families. Maintain a healthier home by using natural cleaning solvents. The next time you need to wash, wipe, or disinfect, consider going into your pantry with everyday products you can use for DIY green cleaning solutions.

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