Achieve a Summer Ready Home

Finally, summertime is almost here! We’ve spent a long time cooped up inside, huddled around the fireplace, patiently waiting for warm weather to arrive. Embrace the change ahead and prepare your space to be a summer ready home with five easy steps. These simple tasks will get your home ready for those summer days and nights, making for an easy breezy season ahead.

Get a Summer Ready Home in 5 Easy Ways

summer ready home

  1. Vacant Your Freezer

It’s time to empty your freezer to make room for summer goodies like ice cream, popsicles, burgers and more. Do an inventory of everything you have in there and throw away anything that no longer belongs. Some things can lose quality and flavor if frozen for too long, so toss any food that’s been in there for more than a year.

  1. Prep for Warmer Temperature 

Now that warm weather is coming you need to do these simple air-flow updates to ensure your home is at a comfortable temperature this summer. You can start with the ceiling fan by turning it counter-clockwise. Meaning, the fan’s blades are slanted upward in order to push air down and generate a stronger cooler air current. Next, change your air conditioner’s filter and swap cool-weather bedding to warm-weather bedding for comfortable sleeping. Then, get your closet ready by switching out your winter wardrobe for your summer attire.

  1. Organize Your Shed

Bring on the lawnmowers, gardening tools, sprinkler and more! Arrange your shed in a way that makes your outdoor gear easily accessible. Therefore, place your snowblower and shovels in the back of your shed, while your summer tools are upfront, all ready to get started on that yard work!

  1. Clean Your Grill

It’s been a long time since you barbecued, so give your grill a nice deep clean before you begin hosting those fun summer gatherings. Follow these easy step-by-step instructions on How to Clean a  Grill by Real Simple and your grill will be spotless in just 15 minutes! Allowing you and your guests to enjoy tasty burgers in no time.

  1. Freshen Up Your Patio

Your patio should be a space that is clean, comfortable and inviting. Once you pull your patio furniture out of storage, wipe down the table and chairs with a damp cloth. If necessary, you can add soapy water and rinse it down with the hose. Need to refresh your outdoor cushions? Mix dish soap and warm water and generously soak the cushions on both sides. Then, with the hose on the high setting, spray the cushions thoroughly and lean them on an edge to dry.

Looking for even more ways on how to achieve a summer ready home? Take a look at this Prepare Your Home for Summer checklist from Martha Stewart to get you equipped for the season! If you’re looking for professional cleaning help, MTOclean services are designed to simplify your life and grant you more free time this summer season. Whether you’re in need of day-to-day cleaning or are seeking specialty cleaning, MTOclean is here to help! Reach out to us today to arrange a free in-person estimate with your local MTOclean office.

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