Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Bring your carpets and fabrics back to life! At MTOclean, we offer carpet and upholstery cleaning services for your home and/or business. Using industry-leading equipment, we have the ability to:

  • Thoroughly clean carpets, upholstery, and drapery
  • Remove stains and odors
  • Clean mattresses and other fabric-covered pieces

Teflon® coating, Microban® application, and anti-allergen services are also available.

Details on these services can be found below. To schedule a FREE, no-obligation consultation, click here to contact the MTOclean location nearest you today.

Carpet, Upholstery & Drapery Cleaning Services

MTOclean specialists clean and freshen your carpets, upholstery, and drapery safely and efficiently. You’ll enjoy softer surfaces, restored texture, brighter colors, and stronger resistance against future soiling. Our equipment delivers a quiet, powerful cleaning with a quick dry time for purely professional results.

Stain & Odor Removal

MTOclean specialists have formulated spot removal solutions and techniques for blood, rust, red food dyes, and other difficult stains. Problems such as pet odors and spots, heavy traffic lane soil, and shampoo or powdery residue from previous cleanings can be treated with our uniquely formulated cleaning agents and superior cleaning equipment.

Teflon Coating Services

Teflon coating ensures that your carpets and upholstery remain cleaner, brighter, and fresher longer. It prevents the inevitable spills and splatters of everyday life from sticking to your carpet and upholstery, providing you more time to clean up before the spill is absorbed and becomes a permanent stain.

Microban Sanitizing Services

MTOclean also offers Microban disinfectant applications, which rid carpets of odor-causing bacteria and fungi such as, aspergillus and penicillium. This preemptive application is applied deep within the fibers of carpets. It is especially effective for children’s rooms or anywhere germs and bacteria are a major concern.

Anti-allergen Services

Indoor dust mites and pet allergens are one of the leading causes of allergic diseases. Invisible to the naked eye, dust mites in particular produce 200 times their own body weight in feces. Our anti-allergen cleaning treatments can reduce the levels of these serious allergens by 90% or more and for up to 6 months.

MTOclean provides home cleaning services (maid service) and janitorial cleaning services to residential and commercial clients. We also provide additional services such as carpet cleaning, power washing and window washing. Each office is an independently owned and operated cleaning franchise; services vary by location. Contact the MTOclean office nearest you to learn more about the local cleaning services that are available and to arrange a free estimate.